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An eight week one-to-one, done-with-you branding mentorship for women who are committed to building a centered and congruent brand and just need the guidance to create it themselves.

Feel lost or disconnected from your brand?

Worried it’s too late to fix it?

Afraid that an amazing brand isn’t for you?

You can have the brand of your dreams without wasting hours in Canva to get the look and feel you want.

You can have a brand that is consistent, looks amazing and lets you control the narrative!

It’s time to transform and lead your brand with your personal intuition!

To finally stop going in endless circles with your branding. 

To stop second guessing your colors, logo, message and direction.

It’s time to stop second guessing yourself.

To have a brand aligned with your inner compass!

Building your own brand can make you second guess yourself and feel totally lost. I’ve seen it before and won’t let it happen to you!

Together we will toss out the head trash and avoid common brand mistakes as I hold your hand through the process.

Over our 8 weeks together, we will go on a quest to apply the Inner Compass Branding™ method and transform your brand, and thereby, your business.

The brand you birth will be unquestionably aligned with your core intentions and undeniably authentic.

Your aligned brand will attract your soul-sister customers, rise above the sea of copycats, and allow you to make an impact while growing your business and freedom.

Finally, feel centered and congruent with your branding. Feel balanced and confident as you build your credibility, connection, and recognition with ease.

The Brand Quest is an eight week done-with-you program.

Develop your brand inside and out as you journey through each of the modules.

Get priceless personal guidance and feedback.

Finish empowered, always knowing how shape your brand’s strategy moving forward.

Brand Quest Modules

Module 1 – Define Your True North

The first step in any journey is claiming the intent to begin a particular path. 

It’s time to OWN your true north and step into the aligned direction.

  • Get crystal clear on your purpose and vision – so you can identify your driving “Why” and stay fueled in your journey
  • Amplify your strengths and values – so as to create a strong foundation for your success 
  • Craft your brand story and promise – so you can set the cornerstones of your authority and reputation that will become magnetic to your ideal audience

Module 2 – Ideal Customers and The Competition

Clearly decipher your niche as you shed light on your ideal audience

Discern how to stand out by identifying gaps and opportunities.

  • Create your soul-sister profile and understand her struggles – both inside and out – in order to be precisely what she’s looking for
  • Communicate exactly how you help her stop the struggle so that she can get her heart’s desires 
  • Get to know what other options she may be considering so that you can stand out

Module 3 – Brand Personality

Establishing your brand personality helps you to be recognizable and magnetic.

This positioning in turn guides all aspects of brand communication and content.

  • Mold your brand personality and positioning so that you influence how your biz is perceived
  • Human characteristics – your brand lives on a spectrum of personalities so as to authentically connect with buyers
  • Build your brand workbank – adjectives and power phrases to direct your branding so that your brand is distinct and captivating

Module 4 – Brand Colors

Not just a matter of personal taste, brand colors evoke emotions, create associations, and differentiate you from the competition.

Consistently using brand colors influences perceptions, increases recognition, builds trust and feels familiar to your audience.

  • Do color like a boss – apply psychology to shape what people think about your brand so you are the one in control
  • Choose brand colors that communicate, stand out AND you look & feel good in because you have to love your brand too
  • Primary color palette, secondary palette, and color codes cheat sheet – be prepared to show up and look great in any situation

Module 5 – Brand Fonts

Brand fonts play a crucial role in creating a consistent visual identity, enhancing your brand recognition, and conveying your brand’s personality and values. The right fonts will impact your brand’s know, like and trust factor.

  • Apply industry strategies for finding, picking and pairing your brand fonts so that your first impression is excellent
  • Test your choices with the Font Checker Template to avoid situations where you may not give the right brand vibe
  • Be confident your brand fonts are 100% legal to use so can concentrate on growing your biz, not looking over your shoulder

Module 6 – Text Logo

Don’t let its simplicity fool you. Versatile and adaptable, the text based logo is the de facto queen across all markets.

You will craft a logo that is equal to industry superstars, distinct to your brand and irresistible to your fans. 

  • Create an aligned custom text logo – no clipart logo template for you – so that your logo is as authentic as you are
  • Have multiple logo versions so as to have your needs covered: socials, websites, print and sharing
  • Complete your Brand Board with your cherry-on-top bespoke logo design in order to stay consistent and be ready for your brand’s growth


Fast Action Bonus Module – Freebie/Lead Magnet Strategy

Build your email list, showcase your expertise, and elevate your authority in the eyes of your customers.

Freebies are useful incentives designed to attract, engage and provide value in exchange for the holy grail of contact info.

  • Learn the insider strategy to know what topics will hook your ICA because not just any topic will do
  • Find out how to pick the freebie type that will benefit your soul-sister customer so that you aren’t wasting time creating a flop
  • Now you have a lead magnet: discover where you can actually get prospects with it so you can build your brand, become an authority and make an impact


My Personal Guarantee

I personally guarantee that I will deliver the same guidance and expertise that I have delivered to my clients in the past two decades of helping them build aligned brands designed for increasing credibility, connection and recognition.

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