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The Signature Brand BuildOut is an entirely done-for-you branding experience where you walk away with a complete, professional, aligned brand that is ready to make an impact and elevate your business journey!

You need a brand/rebrand that is actually aligned with you — inside and out.

You want a recognizable and cohesive brand experience from digital to real life.

You need to focus your energy on your zone of genius — not spend hours in Canva.

Take the direct route to an entire brand system that builds connection and authority

Level up your brand power, clientele and income while dodging common mistakes

Avoid feeling totally lost or wasting time trying to build a brand system on your own

Transform into the leader of a brand built on your personal intuition.

During your Brand BuildOut, we will go on a journey to apply the Inner Compass Branding™ method to bring to birth a brand that will be unquestionably aligned with your core intentions and undeniably authentic.

Attract your soul-sister customers.


Rise above the sea of copycats.


Make an impact while you grow.


Align your brand with your inner compass.


Signature Brand BuildOut Includes:


  • All Brand BuildOuts begin with a Brandmap Workshop
  • In this deep-dive exploration interview session, I will get to know everything about your business journey — where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.
  • This is the first step to building an aligned brand, mapping out what your “true north” brand opportunity is, and what you need to start doing (or quit doing) to become centered, stand out, and make an impact while thriving!
  • After the Brandmap Workshop reveals your true north brand direction, we move into the Brand BuildOut phase to create a brand that makes your perfect clients take notice, follow your lead, and travel back for more!
  • This workshop provides the compass needed to create your unique branding and align not only with your vision but also with your buyer’s behaviors, so that you will shine, grow your biz and create loyalty!


Your visual brand identity is so much more than just a logo, girl! It’s a system of all of the imagery, graphics, colors, typography, elements, patterns, icons, and photography that communicate your brand to the world. 

  • PRIMARY LOGO – Seriously, your custom logo will deserve a seat at the table with industry rockstars, be distinct to your brand, and be irresistible to your fans, all so you will make an impact while growing your biz.
  • SUBMARK LOGO – Designed to go where primary logos can’t: this secondary, simplified logo is the alternate option that means you will always leave your mark, even without saying a word. 
  • PRIMARY & SECONDARY COLOR PALETTES – Your brand colors are not just a matter of personal taste, they evoke emotions, set the mood, tap into psychology, memory and recognition. Your distinctive brand color palettes will influence, shape experiences, connect with your audience and you will know when and where to use them!
  • TYPOGRAPHY – Your brand will have curated fonts that pair together effortlessly, match your brand vibe and are versatile, so that your written words also create enhanced recognition and reinforce your brand personality.
  • BRAND THEME ELEMENTS – These elements are like the cherry on top — maybe a pattern, icons, shapes, or certain photo/illustration styles — so that your customer experience is enhanced, sculpted and strengthened at every touchpoint.
  • INSPIRATION BOARD – This hand-picked collection of visual assets will inspire you as you continue to mold your brand universe so that you won’t be left in the lurch with how to create the perfect brand mood as you grow.
  • *ALL* THE FILE FORMATS – Always have the right file and never, ever be a digital hostage! Native design files, vector files, full color, black & white…all so that you save time and have exactly what you need to show up like a pro.


Your brand Bible for maintaining brand consistency.

Have confidence you’re showing up like an absolute rock star when these guidelines are closely followed!

  • PURPOSE, VISION, MISSION & VALUES – Evaluate if opportunities are congruent so that you never feel lost or disconnected from your brand.
  • SOUL-SISTER IDEAL CLIENT PROFILE – A portrait of your soul-sister client so you will be precisely the solution she’s seeking, connect to her heart’s desires, and know what other options she may be considering so that you will stand out.
  • BRAND PERSONALITY – Your brand will come to life with human characteristics and traits, a distinct point of view, and style of communicating so that your audience relates, connects and builds trust.
  • BRAND STORY – Evoke emotions, deepen your relationship with clients, and set your business apart with a brand narrative that ultimately drives sales and loyalty.
  • MESSAGING PILLARS – The core of your overall messaging strategy, this set of key messages provides a framework for content, allows your brand to stand out and improves recognition in the minds of your ideal customers.
  • USAGE GUIDELINES – Carefully chosen samples of your brand identity system in real world situations, so that you know how to maintain brand consistency
  • Common Mistakes – Examples of the most prevalent brand sins to avoid in order to keep your brand looking professional.
  • COLOR GUIDE – Your brand color palette translated into usage examples so you know when and where to use color combinations that increase brand recognition, reinforce your brand personality and attract consumers.
  • FONT SPECS – Bold? Italic? Which font face when? You’ll be covered with these guidelines so that you keep your brand vibe and always use a legible typeface! 
  • BRAND MOCKUPS – See your brand come to life with creative images that showcase your unique brand so you will be absolutely inspired with all the possibilities!

Website Design & Development

Your website, your way.

Here is where you begin to direct your customer journey, boost your authority and develop brand awareness in your potential leads.

The first real life application of your aligned brand, your website design and development will be taken straight from your brand style guidebook so that your clients get an amazing brand experience from the start!

  • Home Page
  • About Page 
  • Additional pages as decided by your Brandmap Discovery Workshop
  • Custom Blog Layout
  • Mobile + Tablet Friendly
  • Social Media Links Page
  • SEO Friendly
  • 1 Hr Website training 
  • Domain Registration/1 Year Hosting (Optional)
  • 2 Months of Website Maintenance & Support
  • Launch Day Action Plan

Social Media Templates

Your custom branding applied to templates for your favorite social media platform (such as: a Facebook cover, stories, quotes, image posts, grids, collage template) so that you are ready to hit the ground running!

No stress to keep your content looking consistent and super easy to share!

    Promotional Materials

    • ONE PAGE LEAD MAGNET .PDF – Your purposefully designed lead magnet will be on a topic specifically chosen to hook your ICA and create a big win so that your authority and credibility are instantly set all while you grow your email list.
    • BUSINESS CARD DESIGN – Still one of the best ways to promote your brand, this classic marketing tool means you will be confident you are giving a great first impression at in person events. 
    • NOTECARD DESIGN – This powerful brand builder is the perfect strategy to become unforgettable as you create feelings of authenticity and connection with a handwritten note.

    My Personal Guarantee

    I personally guarantee that I will deliver the same guidance and expertise that I have delivered to my clients in the past two decades of helping them build aligned brands designed for increasing credibility, connection and recognition.

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