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About Cyndi…


Nice to meet ya! Iā€™m Cyndi Carlson šŸ™‚

I’m a branding expert and founder of Inner Compass Branding, where I use my 25 years of experience creating and designing brands to offer custom brand design and brand mentoring for female entrepreneurs over 40 and coaches of women over 40 so that they can FINALLY have an aligned brand, stand out in their space and build a thriving business!


I’m also a Gen X momma of two grown a** adults šŸ„°, survivor of hella premature menopause at 38, and big believer in self development. I’m a huge fan of tiny living. I love mindset management tricks, biz hacks, and all things branding related.

When I’m not nerding out or obsessing about branding, I’m probably hanging out in my RV, drawing kawaii inspired doodles or re-watching The Princess Bride.